Effective Marine Engine Lubrication Adapting to Life in a Post IMO2020 Landscape.


Measuring The Impact of Low Sulfur Fuels

The development of low sulfur fuels through the introduction of IMO2020 has been the most significant change to the way in which the global fleet has been powered since the introduction of the diesel engines in the maritime industry a little over 100 years ago.

Whilst the use of low sulfur fuels has clear benefits on emissions reductions, what has been proven is that:

  • Challenges around fuel quality have brought with them real issues for modern marine engines and in particular – 2-stroke marine engines
  • Incorrect lubrication is the most frequent and expensive cause of main engine damage
  • Selecting the right cylinder oil in tandem with a properly managed Monitoring Programme in the post IMO2020 landscape has never been more important than it is today

Providing An Effective Lubrication Solution

TALUSIA UNIVERSAL is fully approved by MAN ES for use on all engines operating on <0.50% S VLSFO and with residual fuels containing from 0.5% to 1.5% Sulfur.

It also bears a DF validation and a NOL by WinGD for use on all engines and all fuels with Sulfur content ranging from 0.0% to 1.5%, including LNG.

It is the single cylinder oil solution for all today's compliant fuels.

Lubmarine engineer

What You Will Learn From this White Paper

Through this white paper we will look at the benefits to vessel operators of better understanding the multiple operating parameters of the engine, combined with smart engine monitoring and drain oil analysis and interpretation including:

  • The key steps shipping operators and owners should take to ensure safe and reliable engine operations
  • The 4 core benefits associated with engine cleanliness
  • How achieving the right level of two-stroke engine cylinder lubrication offers multiple benefits for vessel operators including OPEX control and increased safety margins
  • How to create an effective marine engine lubrication management programme to ultimately extend engine life expectancy

"Incorrect lubrication is the most frequent and expensive cause of main engine damage."

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